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Chapter 5

“Thirteen years!” Phillip and I replied in unison.

I turned the television on mute and tossed the remote on the floor.

“Does that mean Grace and Princess Merran are thirteen years older?” Phillip asked in astonishment.

Queen Merran,” Rachel corrected. “She became queen just before we left.”

“That’s unbelievable. It hasn’t even been a year here. How does that happen?” I questioned. It made my head hurt to think about it.

“How did our sliding glass door turn into a spinning black portal to another world? None of it seems possible, but unless all three of us are having the same crazy dream, it happened.” Rachel refolded her paper and put it in her jean pocket.

“What was that?” Phillip asked as if he had heard a noise.

“I didn’t hear anything, Phillip,” I said while listening intently.

“I thought I heard a squeaky giggle.”

Rachel began to laugh. Then, I started laughing. Phillip seemed confused at first. Then, he joined us with a snort which made all of us laugh even harder.

But we quickly stopped. Standing on the carpet next to the television was a small black mouse. It stood on its hind legs and stared at us. It even seemed to smile.

Rachel screamed. I placed my hand over her mouth. It was almost midnight and our mom was sleeping upstairs.

“You’ll wake up mom!” I whispered in her ear.

“It’s a friggin’ mouse, Whizzy.”

“Phillip, get the sticks!” I demanded.

The mouse’s expression changed violently from a smile to fear. Its eyes bulged and it yelped when Phillip handed me a hockey stick. We both dashed after the fleet- footed mouse as it darted around the basement’s carpeted floor.

“Don’t kill it, Whizzy,” Rachel yelled. “Phillip, stop!” She started to cry.

“Are you kidding me? What do you want us to do with it?” I barked.

“Please, don’t kill me!” A squeaky small voice echoed through the room. We all looked down at the black mouse as it was cowering in the corner.

“Oh no,” I muttered. “Not again!”

Rachel exploded off the couch and ran between us almost knocking me down. “Are you from Mistasia?” She asked in excited anticipation.

“Yes, Rachel Whizzenmog,” the black mouse responded.

She picked up the frightened creature and held him up in the air.

The three of us stared at yet another talking creature in our basement. This was the third in the past six months counting the snake that stole my sister for the sorcerer that worked for King Cragon and Grace Tallon who appeared as an eagle.

“I am Aevion. I am a servant to the Queen. Commander Tallon sent me here to ask for your help.” The scared mouse pleaded. He rubbed his paws in a jittery fashion.

“Grace!” I responded. My heart jumped at the thought of her. I wanted to see her, and had always hoped she would return some day. “What’s wrong?”

“Commander Tallon needs your assistance. I do not know for what purpose. I am only a humble servant to the Queen. I am not an elven warrior. I only know that the commander was headed to The Deadly Spray Forest after sending me through the portal.”

“What is it with the forests in Mistasia?” I thought aloud. “Why can’t there be a Happy Cheerful Forest?”

“Aevion, how can we help?” Rachel asked.

“Do you have your wands?” He asked.

Copyright Held by: Christopher M. Purrett

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Chapter 4

During dinner, I had talked my mom into letting Phillip spend the night. She usually never minded. It had been a few months since he was on the basketball team now. Most weekends he had had a game or practice, but now he had more free time. I didn’t quite understand why he had joined the team…I guess it was because he was tall. He thought it helped him fit in. Phillip had somehow figured out how to work his body in the past couple of months, too. If he had tried to play a sport of any kind last year, it would have meant total humiliation. He struggled to walk and chew gum before, and now he suddenly figured out how to run and dribble a basketball without falling down.

Don’t get me wrong…it’s great! I go to every game. I hate basketball really, but he’s my best friend. It just hasn’t been the same since we got back from Mistasia…I almost wish we hadn’t gone. Phillip and Rachel both had changed…for the better, but I still felt the same- small, angry all the time and …well, I don’t know.

Anyway, Phillip and I sat up watching television. We had moved back to the basement. Rachel hadn’t come downstairs in a while, so I had started to relax. Neither of us talked. It was like there was nothing to say. When we did talk, it was about stupid things, like a commercial about shoes or some new video game. Then, Rachel startled me.

“Whizzy!” was all she said, but it scared the heck out of me. I almost fell off the couch.

“Jezz, Rachel! Don’t sneak up on me like that.”

Phillip started to laugh. I shot him a nasty glare.

“What do you want?” I snapped. My heart pounded in my chest. It echoed all the way into my ears.

“Sorry, Whizzy. I was just thinking. How long has it been?” She just looked at me as if I had any idea what she was talking about.

I could feel my frustration growing. Sometimes the slightest thing would get me going…and Rachel was at the top of the list of frustrations.

“Rachel, I have no idea what you are even asking me?

“Since when, Rachel?” Phillip asked trying to avoid my meltdown.

She sat down between us on the couch and looked behind us. I turned around to see what she was looking at. It was nothing…just the staircase. I thought she was losing her mind. Then, she unfolded a piece of paper in her hand. It had writing all over it. Maps, numbers, and drawings…it looked like Mistasia.

“Wow, is that Mistasia?” Phillip seemed overly interested.

Rachel nodded and then smiled. She pushed her hair back from her face and tucked it behind her ears.

I caught Phillip staring at her. He saw my expression and quickly refocused on the drawing in her hands.

“I can’t figure this out. I hoped maybe you guys could help me.”

“Sure!” Phillip answered.

“Fine,” I replied out of disgust. I could see that my sister was never going to leave us alone.

“I was trying to do the math, but it just doesn’t seem possible.” Rachel pointed to a jumble of numbers in the upper right corner of the map she had sketched. Just next to the title “Mistasia”, was her attempt to figure out something.

I had no idea what it was. “What are you doing? This is a mess.” I barked and slid back on the couch.

Rachel shook her head in frustration. “If you would let me explain, Whizzy, I would tell you. I am trying to figure out how long it’s been since we were in Mistasia.”

“Well, it was right when we got outta school last year,” Phillip replied eagerly.

“June 17th,” I elaborated.

“Yes, I know. And today is December 15th. That makes two hundred and ten days,” Rachel said as she refigured the math on her paper.

“Alright problem solved. Goodbye!” I quickly responded.

Phillip, however, got pretty upset. Sometimes I forgot that he liked my sister…apparently more than he favors our friendship. He didn’t even look at me when he barked, “Shut up, Whizzy!” He never yelled at me. I was shocked and kind of angry actually.

“Guys, stop it!” Rachel pleaded before she continued. “I know it’s been two hundred and ten days here in Greenville, but I am trying to figure out how long it has been for the people in Mistasia.”

“Oh, well, how do we figure that out?” Phillip asked while he studied her math problem on the paper still in her hands. “Grace said that every day in Mistasia was equal to an hour here.”

“Right!” Rachel responded. “That’s what I thought she said, but that’s impossible.”

I sat up as I tried to do the Mistasian math in my head.

“No, we had only been gone for like a little more than five hours when we returned home remember,” Phillip empathically responded.

“He’s right, Rachel,” I agreed. “It had only been five hours when we came back. The math would work.”

“So what’s wrong with that?” Phillip asked Rachel who seemed hesitant to give her answer.

“That would mean it’s been more than thirteen years.”

Copyright Held by: Christopher M. Purrett

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Chapter 3

After breakfast I paced around my house waiting for Phillip to arrive. I was bored out of my mind. Sitting still isn’t one of my best traits. I would sit on the couch in the basement for a couple of minutes. Then, I would walk around the couch before sitting back down again.

When the doorbell rang, I dashed upstairs leaping three steps at a time, which is a lot for my short legs.

“I got it! I got it! I got it!” I yelled at my sister as we both reached for the door handle. “I got it,” I said in a little bit calmer voice.

“Alright,” Rachel replied while giving me a peculiar expression. I think she was questioning my sanity at that point.

Rachel stood next to me waiting. I didn’t open the door though. I glanced at her, then the door before looking back at her again.

“What?” She snapped. “Open the door.”

“Are you gonna stand there?” I asked.

“Whizzy, what’s wrong with you?”

“What? Nothing’s wrong with me. Don’t you have to go do your hair or something?” I sounded like an idiot. Then, the doorbell rang again.

“I wanted to say ‘hi’ to Phillip,” Rachel replied. She seemed hurt that I was questioning what she was doing, like she was Phillip’s best friend.

“Well, he’s here to see me!” I almost couldn’t believe I said it. I was fighting with my sister over my best friend…who just happened to like my sister.

“Whizzy, can you open the door?” Phillip’s muffled voice came through. “It’s really cold out here.”

Suddenly, I snapped out of my haze and opened the door.

Phillip was bundled up in a light green jacket that had “GHS” embroidered on the chest in large white letters with a gold trim. The letters stood for Greenville High School. His floppy brown hair was hanging out from underneath his winter hat, which matched his jacket. He was now over six-feet tall and really skinny. I only came up to his chest.

Phillip had adjusted to high school much better than I did. I wouldn’t be caught dead in our school’s jacket.

“It’s freezing out there,” Phillip chattered. He rubbed his cold hands together.

Phillip Harper had been my best friend for as long as I could remember. He had also pined for my sister nearly as long.

“Hey, Rachel,” Phillip smiled.

He wouldn’t have been able to speak around her last year, but Mistasia changed him…all of us really. Last year Rachel wouldn’t have been standing at the cold front door when Phillip got here either.

After a couple of awkward moments of them looking at each other I pulled him toward the basement and told Rachel she could talk to him later.
        I spent most of the day attempting to avoid my sister. Every time Phillip and I would start something she would check in on us. First, we played bowling but only finished three frames. She came downstairs with sodas and pretzels, and the next thing I knew, her and Phillip were sitting on the couch together. Then, when we started watching a movie, “The Captain’s Loot”, an awesome story about pirates, she joined us. She even flopped right down between us. At one point, I thought she and Phillip were holding hands. Then, we played basketball…or maybe I should say dodge ball because I spent more time avoiding getting drilled in the face with the ball than anything. Phillip kept blocking all my shots. In my attempt to get Rachel to leave us alone, I had asked Phillip if he would play basketball…which I never do for two reasons. One, he is really tall, and two, he’s on the high school junior varsity basketball team. Whenever we play, he kills me. Sometimes I don’t even score. So technically, Rachel ruined my game with Phillip without even playing. Finally, I dragged Phillip upstairs to the one place that I figured my sister would never go…my bedroom. She says it smells funny, which I like because it keeps her away. However, our alone time didn’t last very long. It was dinnertime.

Copyright Held by: Christopher M. Purrett

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Chapter 2

“Ugh! What is that sound?” I rolled over in my bed and opened my stinging eyes. My head spun like I had just been on an amusement park ride for days. My alarm clock buzzed its annoying tone. It was a cross between a fire alarm and an injured cat…mostly because I beat it viciously every time it went off. Swinging my arm like a hammer, I smashed into the clock and knocked it onto the floor. “I don’t wanna go to school.” I said that every morning…like it would magically change my fortune. It never did. I always had to go to school.

After struggling out of bed and getting dressed, I dragged myself to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

I stared into the mirror. My fiery hair wildly waved back at me with every movement. I hadn’t had a hair cut in about three months and so it sort of resembled octopus tentacles hanging off my head. Each eye blinked independently, and my eyelids felt so heavy.

“Toothbrush...Toothbrush? Where the heck is my…?” I searched through the drawers without luck. After slamming the drawer to my right in disgust, a voice startled me.

“Michael, sweetheart? You’re up early.”  It was my mother.

Early? I thought. I got up for school at this time everyday.

My mom stood in the bathroom doorway with a stunned look on her face.

“I’m getting ready, Mom,” I snapped.

“Michael Whizzenmog, you watch your tone young man!” She didn’t sound happy.

I didn’t even want to look her in the eye. She had a way of making me feel guilty about my attitude. The sensation of her glaring down at me burned the side of my neck. She waited patiently for an apology. I couldn’t take it any longer.

I exhaled, “Sorry, Mom.”

“Thank you, Michael.”

She disappeared from the doorway and walked down the hallway.

I opened the drawer to my left and found my toothbrush. As I reached for it, I heard my mom call to me from down the hall.

“Yeah, Mom?” I called as I poked my head into the hallway to hear her better.

“Michael, you know it is Winter break. You don’t have school today!”

My shoulders dropped and my toothbrush fell out of my mouth and onto the floor. I muttered inappropriate things under my breath so she wouldn’t hear. I had forgotten to turn my alarm off and now I was awake…way too early.

Two hours later my twin sister, Rachel, came bouncing down the stairs, happy and perky as usual.

“Morning, Whizzy!”

I just groaned as I lay with my head resting on the arm of the couch.

“Well! Someone’s happy this morning,” she responded.

“Your brother forgot to turn his alarm off,” my mom interjected from the kitchen.

Rachel just laughed and went in to join her.

I rolled toward the back of the couch and buried my face in the cushion. Shut up! I yelled into the couch.

“What’s wrong, Michael?”

“Nothing, Mom!” I quickly responded as I bolted up into a seated position.

Why does she have to be so happy? I wondered about my sister. I might still challenge the fact that we were actually twins. We don’t even look alike. She had long straight reddish-brown hair, green eyes and was about four inches taller than me. That’s right…my twin sister was taller than me. It is awful. People at school think she is pretty…Pretty? I don’t even want to go there.

It didn’t matter. She had been really nice to me this school year. We almost never talked in middle school. Now, after what happened in Mistasia last summer, she was different.

“Michael. Breakfast is ready!”

Well, at least Phillip will be here this afternoon!

Copyright Held by: Christopher M. Purrett

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