Thursday, March 17, 2016

New Book, Mystical Mirror coming soon!


  UPDATE: On March 14, 2016, author Christopher M. Purrett completed the first draft of his latest novel, Mystical Mirror. It is the fourth installment from the Land of Mistasia and starts a new journey for the characters; Phillip Harper, Whizzy and Rachel Whizzenmog and Grace Tallon.
   It takes place after the events from the side novel, Gossamer Pen.
The Epilogue Chapter from Gossamer Pen hints at the beginning of a new story from Mistasia while introducing a new character, Kraylan Keegan. She is the Queen of a hidden elven castle beyond the Michi Mountains. 
   Work began on Mystical Mirror in December of 2015. Christopher began writing the novel in January and had currently finished the first draft. It has been sent for editing. Currently, the tentative release date is summer 2016.
   Mystical Mirror marks a slight change in format for the series. It is written in third person narrative format and targeted for Young Adults (12+). The book is much larger (coming in at over 100,000 words) as compared to the first Land of Mistasia novel (which was just under 30,000 words). It spends much more time developing the characters and their relationships, yet maintains its solid pacing and humor.
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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Work on Book 4 almost complete!

The Land of Mistasia (Book 1) celebrated its fifth anniversary on February 1, 2016! In honor of that I decided to write another book!

That's right! I am currently finishing up the first draft of what is essentially book 4 in the Land of Mistasia series, however, things are not quite that simple.  This new novel, which i hope to have a release date for you very soon, will follow the same characters that we love from the original Trilogy; Phillip Harper, the Whizzenmog twins, Rachel and Whizzy and Grace Tallon. It will also include a host of new characters, one of which has been teased in other shorts found at (click here to read)

This new novel, titled Mystical Mirror, will be crafted differently than the original trilogy. Mystical Mirror is still a family friendly novel, however, it will be written for a Young Adult target audience (Ages 12+) similarly to Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. It is intended for readers once they have reached middle school or high school. This novel is far more descriptive, and contains a slightly darker mood, yet maintains the original humor.

Therefore, Mystical Mirror is more like book 1 in volume 2 of the Land of Mistasia series. It is being written in a way that those purchasing will not have to have read the original trilogy, so teenagers that missed out on the first three books can pick up here and jump right in.

So, Mistasia fans...what does this mean!
You will have a new novel to read in 2016...AND...there will be two more novels in the very near future. Cragon's Revenge, the tentative title for the next novel is scheduled for release in 2017. The final currently untitled novel, is slated for 2018.  

Be sure to follow me on my Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on the story. I will be posting chapters as the release date gets closer. Right now the Prologue for Mystical Mirror is available.  Also, find my Instagram page here to see artwork too!