Monday, November 10, 2014

GOSSAMER PEN - The Inside Facts

Gossamer Pen...The Inside Facts

  The Gossamer Pen is my latest novel and it takes place in a town that is somewhat familiar to the readers of my previous novels. Check out these easter eggs and inside facts from Gossamer Pen.

In the first chapter the reader finds themselves in a familiar world as the Gossamer Pen takes place in the town of Greenville. This is the same town Phillip Harper and the Whizzenmog Twins live.

In the same chapter, Phillip, Whizzy and Rachel appear in their Mistasian forms (a frog and foxes) in Monicas Antique Shop.

Later in the story, during chapter 7, Grace Tallon appears in a tree which is actually Umber Forest, as an eagle outside Lea and Kyra's house.

In Chapter 9, Crazy Larry Lawton in Kyra's 4th grade class is the younger brother of the bully, Billy Lawton, from Land of Mistasia.  

During the same chapter, Mrs. Vizio, the teacher in Kyra's 4th grade class, is an homage to my office space...where a Vizio television sat directly in front of me while i wrote this novel. (and was not on. In fact it didn't have a cable connection)

As the tension surrounding the struggle for the Gossamer Pen begins to explode we find ourselves in Chapter 13. At this time, it is Halloween and Mom is dressed like Rachel the Fox, and Dad like Phillip the Frog. (The two love interests from the Land of Mistasia) Rachel Whizzenmog and Phillip Harper also live in Greenville.

The girls costumes also have particular meaning. Lea's costume is an actually bunny named Ester, that she has had since she was 1 year old and Kyra is dressed like the Owl that appears on her purple shirt during much of the artwork for the story.

The Umber Forest is the same place where Phillip, Whizzy, Rachel & Grandpa Rainer go in the Last Emerald (Book 3) to find their way back to Mistasia.

Here one last tidbit from the story Gossamer Pen that has lead to the development of a new story...The Gossamer Pen is actually an ancient Mistasian artifact brought to Greenville by Rainer (Grandpa) Whizzenmog along with the Last Emerald. Its power is much different when in has the power to revive the dead.


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Friday, October 3, 2014

MISTASIA - 5 Things you should know...

MISTASIA - 5 Things you should know...

  We are only a few short days away from the release of Mistasia Anthology. A compilation of all 5 stories from the Land of Mistasia. With that in mind, I wanted to prepare those that may be taking the journey to Mistasia for the first time and give you some things you should know...

  Mistasian Math – In Greenville; Phillip Harper and the Whizzenmog twins live in our world…actually a small town named after one in Michigan, but that’s another story (Click Here). The Land of Mistasia is a place beyond their imagination until Rachel Whizzenmog is kidnapped by a snake at the request of the evil King Cragon Cadieux. The kids find a way to defeat King Cragon and save Mistasia in the first novel, however, in Return to Mistasia (2012) the kids discover that there is a time difference between the two worlds. They find out that every day in Mistasia is only an hour in Greenville. In Return to Mistasia it has been nearly six months since Phillip and the Whizzenmog twins had left Mistasia. Rachel does the ‘Mistasian Math’ and realizes that it has been more than 13 years in Mistasia!
  Transformations – For those that have read my previous blogs, you would know that the Land of Mistasia wasn’t the original storyline that I created back in 2007. The stories were originally for my first daughter…children’s tales about a frog and fox, named Phillip and Whizzy. The current rendition came about a few years later after my daughter had started elementary school. Therefore, I decided to have the kids transform into animals when they entered the Land of Mistasia. That also meant I had to decide what to do with the characters that came to Greenville. If you traveled to Mistasia what would you transform into?
  Family or Foe – I have been asked if my childhood was troubled…mostly because I am a rather strange individual, but somewhat because of the reoccurring theme in my books about family betrayal. Just for the record, I had a very ‘normal’ childhood. My family is just a bit off-center on the humor side, but otherwise very loving and supportive. I guess these themes appear out of fear and heartache to those that have experienced these type of betrayals. The characters in Mistasia, have many family ties…some obvious and others hidden until the betrayal hits. I have always believed that your family is the greatest support system you have, and when that crumbles around you…especially at a young age I can only imagine how devastating it can be. Moral of these stories...cherish those around you or they may turn their back on you.
  Colors - I have an quirk about colors. I find them to spark interesting things in people; feelings that they may have not realized. I use these colors in my stories to evoke feelings or tell the readers something about a character.
   Colors for the main characters in Land of Mistasia were chosen to express their personality traits; Phillip the frog is green, Whizzy is fiery red and Rachel is a golden color. Even the villians colors were chosen to cause alarm. Ethan Whizzenmog, the snake man, is bright yellow with deep red screams avoid me at all costs.
  Special Powers – What cool story doesn’t have someone with special powers? I have to say that everyone has something special about them, whether it is the size of their heart or their inner strength. Sometimes, we don’t even realize the powers we have within ourselves. In my writings, I love to explore those small powers and expound upon them, making them even more influential than they are. Think about it, even having the ability to control a crowd simply by speaking to them, gaining their trust and devotion is an extraordinary ability…it is one freedom our country is built upon.
  All the characters in Mistasia and Greenville have a power, whether they realize it or not. When Phillip, Rachel and Whizzy travel to Mistasia they discover theirs and must learn to adapt and control those talents to use them in aiding their efforts against the evils they face.

  Hope you enjoyed the journey through the Land of Mistasia. If you haven't yet...what are you waiting for? Go to my website and read sample chapters!


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Friday, September 26, 2014

MISTASIA - Behind the Scenes

MISTASIA - Behind the Scenes

            On October 7th, 2014, the Mistasia Anthology, a collection of all 5 stories, will become available in paperback through Amazon. In celebration of this event I wanted to take the opportunity to give you some behind the scenes information about the Land of Mistasia.

Where Mistasia & Greenville came from?
            When I began writing these stories and realized that I was going to need two worlds it was a rather easy decision for me to choose the names. Both have special meaning for me and my wife. Mistasia is simply a bed. That’s right. A bed. When my wife and I started dating I visited her at her apartment in college and in her bedroom was possibly the largest bed I had seen anyone under the age of 5o sleeping in…I still had half of a bunk bed that I shared with my little brother at that time. I jokingly called it ‘Mistasia’. The first part ‘Mist’, is a variation of my wife’s first name, Misty, and the last, ‘Asia’, joking about the beds size…I named it after the largest continent on the planet. There you have it…Mistasia was born. Something that my grandchildren can hopefully tell their grandchildren a hundred years from now when they speak of their crazy old great-great grandpa…wow that makes me like 140 years old in my head (not pretty).
      The small town of Greenville actually exists…well sort of. There is a town in Southwest-Michigan named Greenville, and I have never even been there. That’s correct…I have never even seen it. I named Phillip and the Whizzenmog’s home town Greenville more for the sentimental value the name has for me and my wife. When we were in college, we had a somewhat frightening and hilarious experience in a park lot that ended in a strange individual screaming the word ‘GREENVILLE’ from a passenger window of their car. A couple was lost and pulled into the park lot next to Misty and I to ask for directions (this was way before cell phones and navigational devices). These two actually had a paper map…google that one kids. The frustrated passenger leaned toward the window and began screaming their destination…the town of Greenville, and so I adopted the name for this and other future story lines.
Names – Harper, Cadieux
            One of the more difficult obstacles I have encountered as a writer is naming my characters. You may be shocked by that, but I worry that the name will be mispronounced, or unintentionally funny or offensive. The storyline itself usually works out as you write…at least that is what I tell my daughter who is a very talent writer of poetry, but struggles with telling structured stories. I found out in my brief time as a writer (nearly 10 years now) that the characters will dictate the details and move the story in ways you never dreamed possible. When naming my characters, I again added some personal touches like I did with Mistasia and Greenville.
      Harper – the last name of the storytelling character in Land of Mistasia is one of a number of street names located in the southeastern part of Michigan where I have worked since 2000. The company that I have worked for moves me periodically to different locations and Harper is the street where I held my first management position in the summer of 2000.  Cadieux – the name of the ruling family in Mistasia was another street name that runs into the town of Grosse Pointe.
Story origin
            Like many other authors that I have read and respect greatly, I have written a few stories that have been unceremoniously thrown in the trash can. In 2006, I began crafting outlines for a series of currently unrealized stories called the World of Angora. After writing two full novels, over 600 pages and 100,000 words, I decided that neither were quite good enough. Those weren’t the only stories that have been redesigned though. The Land of Mistasia was crafted from a series of children’s stories I wrote in 2007 called Phillip & Whizzy. (Here is one of those stories) Sound familiar? Obviously these were the main characters in the Land of Mistasia novel that was released in 2011.
            Phillip was a frog and Whizzy a fox. Neither had any powers, but were children in a town similar to Greenville that found themselves in situations that my 5 year old daughter would experience. A few years later, after throwing away two World of Angora novels and growing seriously frustrated with the whole idea of writing in general, I revisited the Phillip and Whizzy concept. My oldest daughter had been in elementary school for a few years now and I needed to update the storyline to suit her reading level. The animals became boys…that transformed into animals in Mistasia. I added a sister for Whizzy, who became the heroin of the story. Grace Tallon was added originally as a guide and to help move the story along, but she quickly became far more than that. As I said before, the characters begin to write themselves and Grace became such an important character she earned her own novella, Grace’s Quest (2014).

Original Trilogy vs Novellas
            There are 5 stories currently; an original trilogy, followed by two novellas.
                  The original trilogy consists of: Land of Mistasia (2011), Return to Mistasia (2011) and Last Emerald (2012). Land of Mistasia is the original story. It has its own ending and for those that are unaware…isn’t the end to the story of Mistasia. Return to Mistasia takes place around Christmas of the same year and is a cliffhanger. It leads the reader to the final part of the trilogy, Last Emerald. There was an outline for 4 stories in the beginning, but as the story unfolded it ended with Last Emerald.
                  Not ready to put these characters aside, I did as many authors / storytellers do…I went into the past and told the back story of a character from Land of Mistasia in the first novella. Whizzenmog Betrayal (2013) is the story of Ethan Whizzenmog, one of Sorcerer LaCroiux’s minions when we first met him. He kidnaps Rachel from her basement in Greenville and drags her into the portal to Mistasia starting the original story. In Whizzenmog Betrayal, we learn how this simple wizard fox turned to the darkness of sorcery.
                  Last, but not least, is the story of Grace Tallon. She unexpectedly became one of my favorite characters. Strong, self reliant and courageous, Grace is the protector to Queen Merran Cadieux. In Grace’s Quest (2014), we find out what happens in Mistasia after the defeat of Cragon Cadieux. It leads us into the story Return to Mistasia and gives us the explanation of what was happening in Mistasia while Phillip and the Whizzenmog twins had begun high school back in Greenville.
                  That was the end…or so I believed. I even wrote a blog about ending my journey with the characters that had become so much a part of my family’s lives. (Read Here) I had even started writing a new story called Gossamer Pen. In that story, two girls find a magical pen that brings to life anything drawn with it. It also takes place in the small town of Greenville. When I went back to answer one important question…where did the Gossamer Pen come from, I found a whole new story open up for Mistasia.
                  Cragon’s Revenge will be the story to tell about the Gossamer Pen’s retrieval from Greenville and its powers in Mistasia. I plan to begin writing it in early 2015 and releasing it in February 2016.
                  In the Gossamer Pen, there are many references and appearances by the characters from Mistasia. Check out the novel or the forthcoming web-comics to find them!


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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Leaving Mistasia

Leaving Mistasia
   This summer marks the end of a long and extremely fulfilling journey in my life.  It marks the completion of the Land of Mistasia, at least in new stories as I will be moving on to the Gossamer Pen. Mistasia has been a part of my life nearly as long as my youngest daughter, 8 years this summer (2014). When Mistasia Novellas became available on Tuesday, I put my final mark on a place that has become very dear to my heart.

  The Land of Mistasia has had a profound effect on me and my family.

  The name itself has roots in the Purrett family, as do so many of the characters and places within Mistasia. Just the other day, I found myself explain the meaning of the word Mistasia and its origin. It is actually a running joke between myself and my wife. When we originally meet in the summer of 1997, I went to her apartment for the first time. While she was showing off her place I made a reference to the size of her bed (a queen size, which was enormous to a college kid still sleeping in the only bed he ever had...half of a bunk-bed I shared with my little brother). I called it "Mistasia", referring to my wife's name, Misty, and the fact it was a big as the continent, Asia...and the name was born. Silly, but it has become something that we in the Purrett family find humorous.

  That is just one of the many personal references that have etched their way into my first novels. As I mentioned before, many characters and places are named for things that have been a part of my life. For example, I have worked for the same retail company nearly all of the past twenty years, so naturally some of the street names where those buildings were located are present;
   Harper - the last name of my first character developed for these stories.
   Cadieux - the castle title and last name of all regal characters in Mistasia.
Both are streets in Michigan where I worked in the past.

  Even the city where Phillip, Whizzy & Rachel live has actual roots in my life, Greenville. It is a city in Michigan, where I actually have never been, however, the name itself has a story that my wife and I have shared with our children many times. During a trip back to Mount Pleasant, we stopped off the highway and in the parking lot met one of the oddest couples we have ever encountered. A man exited the car beside us and approached our vehicle wearing a fanny pack, holding a map outstretched in his hands and screaming "GREENVILLE" repeatedly. His wife started screaming with a frighteningly high-pitched shrill, through the open passenger window attempting to explain her husbands ranting. It was an alarming event...I am laughing right now thinking about it.

  In 2007, the Land of Mistasia had become a reality for me. I started telling bedtime stories to my daughter, Lea. It continued to develop from there into what I eventually released as my first independent novel, Land of Mistsia in 2011. Although, Lea was my intended audience at first, her younger sister, Kyra, has become the aficionado in all things Mistasia. It means so much to know the impact these stories have had on the both of them, especially their futures. Lea has taken an interest in writing, both poetry and stories. Kyra has developed into an amazing artist, who writes her own comics.

  Mistasia has been a way for me to put parts of my life down to remember forever, even if these references were moments for me and those closest to keeps those memories alive forever. I will cherish these stories as long as I live, and sincerely hope that you all will as well.


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