Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Gossamer Pen Day!!!!

  It is hard to believe that it has been one year since the novel, Gossamer Pen was released (November 24, 2014). I feel very fortunate to have been able to write one novel, let alone four; however, this one was interesting for a few reasons.
  I had just completed work on the Mistasia Anthology, and hammered out a blog called Leaving Mistasia. So what was next? I had a few things that I wanted to started working on, but none of them seemed to be going anywhere. A writing block had planted in the middle of my brain like a mad elephant waiting for peanuts.
  Meanwhile, my youngest daughter had been scribbling away in her tiny notebook...and by tiny I mean so small that I feel like the giant from Jack & The Bean Stalk when I grasp it between my finger and thumb to keep from dropping it. When I opened it, the notebook exploded with vivid and colorful drawings of people and creatures. It was like a treasure trove, and I had just stumbled into a gold mine of ideas all inside my daugther's mind.
  Over the next few weeks, I fed that angry starving elephant in my mind with those tremendous ideas like the peanuts he craved until he was so large he fell over and slid out onto the paper at my desk in the form of Gossamer Pen.
  I have always found it hilarious that the ideas for my books have come from some of the most innocent of places. It isn't as though I don't have a computer full of novel ideas, yet I find myself struggling over the details almost fighting with myself when writing. However, Gossamer Pen was one of the quickest novels I have ever written. The story played out like a movie in my mind, and I just struggled to keep pace with the childlike imagination that my youngest daughter had planted with the seeds of her artwork.
 I look back on the novel today (one year later), and I am truly proud of the story, characters, and artwork associated with it. Even more so, I find myself gushing about my daughter's influence when I tell people about the origin of Gossamer Pen.
 I hope you get a chance to read this story and enjoy the journey!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Super Heroes Worst Fears

Super Heroes Worst Fears
  This Halloween was like many in the past; cold and rainy. Living in Michigan has that probability. However, over the last few years a friend of mine and I have decided to start dressing up for the occasion when we head out with my youngest daughter, while my wife hangs out at the homestead passing out candy.
  As you can see, this year was Super Heroes...for the grown ups. My beautiful daughter went as Maleficent. The decision was a long and hard one...meaning that only a few days prior to Halloween, we were still trying to figure out who would accompany the evil Maleficent through the dangerous suburb streets.
 It was decided that I would be Batman. My daughter, Maleficent, loves the Batman cartoon and she walks around the house saying funny things in her "Batman Voice". My friend, therefore, got to be Superman, because he is super strong...and that whole "VS" movie coming out next year.

 As is normally the case, I found that I had way too much fun pretending to be "The Batman". I had been kicking around ideas for a super hero based parody cartoon for our YouTube Channel for quite a while now and this was the perfect opportunity for my 6-year-old school boy humor to present itself.
The Dark Knight
  Quickly the story for the very first Super Heroes Worst Fears cartoon was written, audio recorded (and hell yes I did the Batman voice...who doesn't want to be The Dark Knight?).
  And now presents The Batman in our parody cartoon.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Where have I seen that before?

 Easter Eggs & Hidden Characters

  One of the things that I admire most about companies like Marvel, Disney & Pixar...or should i just say Disney since they own everything, is the way that they connect their products to one another.  There are always stories and "easter eggs" in their movies that tease other characters or universes owned by their companies.
Purrett Productions, LLC. 2015
  Therefore, it will be no surprise to learn that the "Purrett" universe has a very similar undercurrent for things that may not seems to be connected at all.

Here is a list of some connections that have happened in 2015 alone.

1. Animal House
   In this cell from Gossamer Pen comic #1
Appears from Gossamer Pen Comic #1
Lea reaches for crystal figurines on display in Monica's Antique Shop. Those figurines represent Princess Merran Cadieux (white cat), Michael Whizzenmog (red fox) and Grace Tallon (brown eagle) from the novel, Land of Mistasia. These characters have yet to be officially connected (note: Kraylan's Love is a short story that lays the ground work for that though), but both worlds are based in the same small town of Greenville.

2. Who is that on the wall?
   Here is a still from the animated cartoon, Eddy & Cric.
Cric Kit sleeping in the den
 Kyra "The Creator"
 Here you can see a unique looking pink owl hanging on the wall in the Kit's den. His name is Owly, and he also appears on Kyra's shirt throughout the Gossamer Pen (shown at left). In the Gossamer Pen comic, Owly is shown reacting to his surroundings, sometimes even before the main characters do. He does the same while hanging around in the Kit's den...watching the oddities happen around him.

3. Does anyone have the time?
  One of the most constant imagery in our short history at has been the frog character Phillip. It was the very first character ever created in my writing and storytelling (read: It All Started With A Bedtime Story) and has been incorporated into every logo we have used to date..

  With Phillip being so near and dear to our can image that the character would appear in almost everything we create. And you would be right! In the first picture from the Gossamer Pen comic #1 (at left), Kyra pokes her head into a small room in Monica's Antique Shop.
 Kyra in Monica's Antique Shop
Kyra in Monica's Antique Shop
Upon the wall, Phillip appears as a clock, however, it is not the only place that he hangs out.
  Just a few months later, Eddy & Cric debuted on our YouTube Channel!
Phillip "The Frog" clock promeniently appears in many of the cartoons in the Kit's living room.

Eddy & Cric in the Living Room
A special note is that the clock does more than just add character to the background of many scenes. The clock also stamps the date of many of the productions from which it appears. In the last picture (to left), the clock reads 11:12 or November 12th. The date that this episode was released.

  Be sure to keep a close eye out for characters that you may have seen before appearing in other projects. If you notice something not mentioned in this blog, place it below in the comments.

  Hope you enjoy the journey!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Eddy & Cric

When I originally designed the character Eddy Kit, he was going to be a super-hero who had no powers. He was just going to go around town and get back at people that bothered him; like those that let dogs poop in his yard or not washing their hands after using a public restroom. Etiquette...Eddy Kit, get it. Ha that is not really very funny is it.

Well, the idea didn't have much too it and after drawing a comic strip to introduce him in May 2015...Eddy ended up in limbo.

Fast forward to the updated Purrett Productions and the addition of animation (thanks to the awesome Smith Micro software "Anime Studio").  Eddy Kit was one of a few potential ideas to be the first YouTube cartoon on our channel.  The show was still up in the air until one Sunday night in August.

The story goes like this... I was upstairs when my daughter came running up from the basement frantically calling for me. My wife and oldest daughter were still downstairs, for all I know getting eaten by that spider from Lord of the Rings by the sounds of it. When I got downstairs, ready for the battle of my life...which means I had a really big shoe, I discovered the real issue.  Wait for it...a cricket.

There is another long story that goes into the cricket thing, however, to sum it up my wife is deathly afraid of them. So after, i rescued the poor critter and took it outside, against my wife's protests I might add. I went back to what I was doing. After a few moments, I began to chuckle at the whole event. That was when I thought it would be mildly humourous to have a second character named cricket...Cric Kit, that would be Eddy's wife added to the show. And the show became about their lives.

Eddy was now an inventor and Cric a very intellegent school teacher that tolerates Eddy becuase he is funny. It is basically our lives. And yes, I really do get upset when people let their dogs poop in my yard.

Having the Eddy & Cric show loosely based upon our lives and reactions to things has led to a multitude of storylines, which I hope viewers find entertaining. We are working on our 5th full episode, "The Spider", and have many more to come.

Enjoy The Journey!
Christopher M. Purrett
YouTube Purrett