Monday, November 10, 2014

GOSSAMER PEN - The Inside Facts

Gossamer Pen...The Inside Facts

  The Gossamer Pen is my latest novel and it takes place in a town that is somewhat familiar to the readers of my previous novels. Check out these easter eggs and inside facts from Gossamer Pen.

In the first chapter the reader finds themselves in a familiar world as the Gossamer Pen takes place in the town of Greenville. This is the same town Phillip Harper and the Whizzenmog Twins live.

In the same chapter, Phillip, Whizzy and Rachel appear in their Mistasian forms (a frog and foxes) in Monicas Antique Shop.

Later in the story, during chapter 7, Grace Tallon appears in a tree which is actually Umber Forest, as an eagle outside Lea and Kyra's house.

In Chapter 9, Crazy Larry Lawton in Kyra's 4th grade class is the younger brother of the bully, Billy Lawton, from Land of Mistasia.  

During the same chapter, Mrs. Vizio, the teacher in Kyra's 4th grade class, is an homage to my office space...where a Vizio television sat directly in front of me while i wrote this novel. (and was not on. In fact it didn't have a cable connection)

As the tension surrounding the struggle for the Gossamer Pen begins to explode we find ourselves in Chapter 13. At this time, it is Halloween and Mom is dressed like Rachel the Fox, and Dad like Phillip the Frog. (The two love interests from the Land of Mistasia) Rachel Whizzenmog and Phillip Harper also live in Greenville.

The girls costumes also have particular meaning. Lea's costume is an actually bunny named Ester, that she has had since she was 1 year old and Kyra is dressed like the Owl that appears on her purple shirt during much of the artwork for the story.

The Umber Forest is the same place where Phillip, Whizzy, Rachel & Grandpa Rainer go in the Last Emerald (Book 3) to find their way back to Mistasia.

Here one last tidbit from the story Gossamer Pen that has lead to the development of a new story...The Gossamer Pen is actually an ancient Mistasian artifact brought to Greenville by Rainer (Grandpa) Whizzenmog along with the Last Emerald. Its power is much different when in has the power to revive the dead.


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