Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Whizzenmog Betrayal



Standing before me was the shadowy figure of my brother. His back was to the light of the full moon, which hung large in the dark, star-filled sky. His usually red-colored fur was nearly black. His eyes were intense and fixed on me.

My heart pounded in my chest. It was hard to breath. I held my arm outstretch with my wand gripped tightly in my right paw. My yellow fur seemed to glow against the brightness of the full moon making it quite difficult to hide.

“Don’t do it, Rainer!” I pleaded as the tip of his wand lit up. “No!” I screamed in fear.

A bolt of light dashed toward me and slammed into my chest before I could jump out of the way. My body went numb and I fell on my back. I was now starring into the Mistasian night sky. The blades of grass wrapped around my long fox ears. I wanted to get up and run away, but nothing moved. My big brother had just paralyzed me with a spell. It was the same thing every time. We would begin to practice our spells and one way or another it would end with me losing.

“Great job, Rainer. You have really developed into a premier wizard son.” The voice of our father, Glyndon Whizzenmog, proudly proclaimed. “The King and Queen will be truly impressed at your skills.”
      “Thank you, father!” my brother gleefully replied.

“Tomorrow I will present you to the King. You are ready to join me in protecting the throne, Rainer.”

Then our father turned his attention to me as I still laid motionless in the cool grass. “Ethan. I’m disappointed,” He said with a deep exhale. “Your brother has defeated you with the exact same spell three days in a row now. Will you ever learn?”

Even in the dark, I could see the disapproval in my father’s eyes. Rainer was so much stronger and quicker than me. It was unfair. We weren’t the same wizard.

I watched as my father patted my brother on the back, “Great job!” Then turn and walk away leaving me paralyzed in the grass.

My heart sank. I don’t know why it still bothered me…my father had always been that way. He was embarrassed of me.

Rainer pointed his wand at my chest again. It lit up sending a warmth surging through my body as if the blood suddenly flowed through my veins again. I took a deep breath. When my brother reached out his hand to help me, I pushed it away.

“I don’t want your help!” I shouted in disgust. “Why do you have to do that?” I angrily yelled at him once I was back to my feet.

Rainer was taller than I was too. I had to stand on my tip toes to see eye to eye with him.

“Cut that out, Ethan.” Rainer shoved me in the chest and laughed. I stumbled backwards and tripped over a rock falling back into the grass again. Rainer quickly realized he had pushed too hard.

“Hey, I’m sorry. Let me help you up.”

“I don’t need your help, brother!” I was fuming. My left paw bruised, but not as deeply as my ego. He just didn’t understand what it was like to feel small…weak. I wanted to show him so badly, but knew I would never match up to him…our father’s favorite son.

“Come on. Let’s go back to the house.” Rainer turned and started walking, but then stopped when he noticed I wasn’t following. He was used to me following him everywhere. I had always been envious of him, but now I was just angry. “Ethan?”

“You go,” I calmly replied. “I want to be alone.”

“But father’s waiting for us?” Rainer ignorantly stated.
“No, Rainer.” I held back tears. “Just you!”



Copyright 2013: Christopher M. Purrett