Thursday, January 28, 2016

It is so might actually be good!

It is so bad...

   Director - Christopher Purrett
     "Once we decided upon Muppets as the characters for our first Confused Storyteller cartoon it became quickly apparent that we were going to need a song from Jeggy Hogwalker (an obvious parody of Ms. Piggy)."
     "I recalled the song Ms. Piggy sang in the original Muppet movie (1979), when she sang a song after seeing Kermit for the first time. The perfectly awful notes that Frank Oz hit still make me laugh to this day. That was the sound I tried to capture while Jeggy Hogwalker sang about wishing for more than the life she has on Dirtooine."

    Here is the link to the full video - "TO BE AMONG THE STARS" (1:02) 
coming to YouTube in February 2016.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Long ago, In a galaxy not quite so far away...MUPPET WARS

Long ago, in a galaxy not quite so far away...
It is a period with little laughter.
The Empire of Puns has forced all 
comedians into hiding. A once great
comedian, Fozzy Wisecracker, 
surrendered his microphone after his 
jokes failed, joining the melancholy-side.

During that final performance,
The Comedic Alliance discovered
the Empire's secret plans  for an
ultimate weapon, the Glaring Eye. 
It is said to possess enough power to
destroy the timing of every comedian 
in the entire galaxy!

The plans for this weapon were entrusted
to a special droid and sent across the galaxy
to find the last hope for the Comedic Alliance,
 that a Witty Master will once again restore 
laughter to the galaxy...

Thursday, January 14, 2016

WHAT IF...Miss Piggy was a Jedi?

WHAT IF...Miss Piggy was a Jedi?
Jeggy Hogwalker
     The stars shine brightly in the sky over Dirtoonie. Jeggy Hogwalker sits alone in the sand just outside her hut.The only light available to her swine eyes are the stars above. She desparately wants to be among much so she breaks into song. 
   "Just, to be among the stars."
She feels trapped on this lonely desert planet, and that she should be doing something to help the Comedy Alliance in their battle against the Empire of Puns
    In the distance, Jeggy notices a flashing light. She grabs her hognoculars and peers through them. She witnesses a small, confused droid being attacked. 
   "I must save him!" Jeggy Hogwalker jumps into her Pork Flyer and speeds away to save the day.
Sce-3-Ro and B5K5
   She discovers not one, but two droids.  They have come to Dirtoonie to find a Witty Master named, Tobie Von Kenobi, and delivery information about the Empires plan to rid the galaxy of laughter. Jeggy now knows what she must do! 
   Find Tobie Von Kenobi, and help him stop the Empire!




Friday, January 1, 2016

Enjoy the Journey - Looking forward to 2016

Looking forward to 2016
 In the coming year, there are many projects that have peeked my interest. The task of planning out a year is not something new for me, but in the sense of Purrett Productions as a business it definitely lends to a grander scale.
 I will try and keep it succinct by placing the projects already in motion or currently under development on the list.

Land of Mistasia
  Young Readers - After a tremendous response to the Land of Mistasia trilogy this fall, I have begun working on a new installment to the series. When, the short story, Grace's Quest, was released in early 2014 it seemed as though the story line for Mistasia had been completed. I even wrote a blog about it.
 Yet, after Gossamer Pen, in November 2014 a new story began to develop regard said pen and its origin. Since the end of the Mistasia trilogy, I have been receiving questions about a possible fourth book. Well, I am happy to announce that it is finally going to happen. The tentative release date is April this year, but I will post more information, as well as sample chapters closer to the books release!  In the meantime, here is the epilogue from Gossamer Pen which ties into the new Land of Mistasia story. (Kraylan's Love)
  Adult Sci-fi - The World of Angora has been a massive undertaken that has spanned three unreleased novels and a decade of plotting, developing, writing and rewriting. This is truly a labor of love at this point.
  2016 will be the year of Angora, no not the rabbit, the World of Angora. Humags, the tentative title for the first release will make its debut in late summer, probably around August. The first draft was completed in 2012, and needs a second draft this spring before final editing.
  A second novel, titled Factors, is also slated for a release at the end of 2016. This is a separate storyline, but ties back to the whole within World of Angora. It will definitely help the readers understand the scope of what I have spent the past decade planning.
  This story dates back quite a bit further in my attempts in writing for this series. I finalized the first draft of Factors back in 2008, and it has a considerable amount of dust. It will need a strong second draft and edit from my beautiful wife before it hits shelves. This one could possible find itself delayed until 2017, but I am optimistically shooting for a November release.

 At the end of the first ecletic season of Eddy & Cric cartoons we were introduced to Eddy Kit's nemesis for the upcoming season.  The character known currently as Frank Meyer will announce is evil intentions and his villain name. He will also bring about the beginning of a new group of super villains know as The Edibles.
  This season Gossamer Studio plans to release a cartoon each month from Eddy & Cric. It will follow a comic book style story arch and introduce new heroes to help Eddy & Cric!

  This new parody series will focus on popular movies from 2016 and intersperse other pop culture icons. The first to appear is scheduled to be MUPPET WARS, featuring the lovable Muppets in the Star Wars universe.

  Batman will return in his ridiculous parody cartoon. He will team up with sidekick, Robin, as they attempt to determine the worst fears of super heroes that Batman deems dangerous.

Coming October 2016

  This will be our first "true" comic book intended for more mature audiences. It will be a part of the World of Angora universe, but actually take place on a futuristic Earth. The comic will follow the life of a man known as The Hunter.
  The initial story-arch has been developed, and the first ten issues outlined so there is plenty of work to do on this project which is also slated to hit in the fall of 2016. I will also most likely not be the artist on this project, but will write the scripts.

My wife and I have been working on a variety of t-shirt ideas for adults. The name ego Impressions was derived after I had developed a few ridiculous and egotistical phrases. My wife said that I should "put that on a shirt" on more than a few occasions. Those particular shirts have yet to arrive in our online store and probably won't until Fall 2016 at the earliest.
  That has not kept this side of our business from creating other designs; however, as our youth shirts for Land of Mistasia and Gossamer Pen are available with more to come.

 I will continue to make appearances through out the Metro Detroit area in 2016 at Schools, Hospitals, Comic cons, Mom 2 Mom sales and Arts & Craft Shows. If you or someone you know is interested in having Purrett Productions attend an event, just contact me directly at

Christopher M. Purrett
Enjoy The Journey