Thursday, December 31, 2015 - A Year In Review - A Year in Review 2015

  2015 ushered in a wide variety of new adventures at I personally took a step away from writing novels and ventured out into uncharted territory. Here is a recap of 2015 for the Journey!

Gossamer Pen #1
 This year actually began with the completion of Gossamer Pen (the novel) in November of 2014. After releasing the novel, I found myself working on character sketches. At that time, I had not worked on any comics, but decided to test out my hand at the medium. Since I was in middle school, I had been in art classes and loved sketching and creating different characters. All the artwork in my novels and on came from my own hand (sometimes with assistance from my youngest daughter), so that played a big roll in my decision to start on the comic version of Gossamer Pen.  On February 10, 2015, Gossamer Pen Comic #1 was released on  This digital comic was originally only available on the website. It consisted of just 6 pages and told the story from chapter 1 in the original novel. That became the overall premise of the comics; each digital issue would be a chapter from the novel, Gossamer Pen.
Gossamer Pen Vol 1
 During the next seven months, five more digital comics were completed. On September 29, those web-comics were combined into a single print comic (which is more like a short graphic novel), Gossamer Pen Comic Vol. 1. That completed the first third of the original novel and introduced most of the creatures that were freed from Kyra's notebook.

In August, Purrett Productions, LLC was formed. It is a small company, basically just myself; however, it is intended to become a family business in the future. My wife, Misty, acts as my editor. My oldest daughter, Lea, is a tremendous writer, mostly of poetry. My youngest daughter, Kyra, is probably the most talented of us all. She is an artist and storyteller. My dream is to one day have all four of us working together within the company, hence the name...Purrett Productions.
There is, however, more to the name than that. I am one of two brothers born to John Purrett and at this time, we will sadly be the last of the Purretts in our line. Both my brother and I have had two daughters, so that played a large part in me titling the company.
  My brother, David, also works with me, mostly behind the scenes assisting in technical areas that are out of my realm of expertise.
 In August, the new website launched at As Purrett Productions. LLC became a company, the website moved from to its new home.  It featured an all new color scheme, new logo and streamlined layout. The main focus was the company instead of me as an author. That change in philosophy was largely in part to the broadening scope from solely novels to adding comics, design and animation.  In September, an online store was also added.
Since I was a child, I loved cartoons. I loved to draw too! I had even spent the past decade writing stories. It was inevitable, with today's technology, that animation would become an integral part of this new company. I began referring to this part of the company as Gossamer Studio. Our YouTube Channel - Purrett, launched in September.
  On October 8, the very first Eddy & Cric animated cartoon was released titled "Meet The Kits". 
Eddy & Cric - The Cosplay (episode 6)
   By the end of the year, Gossamer Studio released 8 cartoons featuring Eddy & Cric, a Batman parody titled Super Heroes' Worst Fears, and 4 kids cartoons.

ego Impressions Designs
Along with Gossamer Studio, we developed another subsidiary of Purrett Productions, LLC. titled ego Impressions. It is the design side of the company that handles logos, websites and creation of any print media that is needed for adversiting, marketing or retail.
  During the year, ego Impressions was responsible for many designs; however, it will play a much larger role in development in the coming year with regards to t-shirt creation for our online store.
Land of Mistasia Heroes T-Shirt Design

2015 held a pretty large scope, most of which happened in the last 5 months. It has been an amazing journey so far, and I can't wait to see what 2016 brings!

Christopher M. Purrett
Enjoy The Journey

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Coming to Life

Coming to Life

  Kyra sat at her desk painstakingly placing the final touches on her artwork. She had erased the image dozen of times, but final felt like this was "it"! Now, was her time to add the colors. Before long, she had finished her latest creation. All that remained was to name this cute little fella.

 "What to call him", Kyra thought!

  He, was a half-elephant, half-kangaroo, so it became obvious...Eleroo.

  What happened next was quite a surprise! The page began to glow and then right before her eyes, Eleroo lept into the room!  She watched in awe as her creation ran around the floor, trumpeting with joy.  Kyra suddenly realized that her pen was much more than she had ever thought. It was magical!
  As I kid, I loved to play with toys, as I am sure almost everyone else did too! I spent so much time thinking up elaborate plots and bringing those toys to life. So needless to say, when the movie Toy Story came out in the mid-90's I was thrilled to see that I wasn't the only crazy kid that believed his toys were alive!

  When the story of Gossamer Pen came about, it was exciting to get to experiment with what a drawing's character traits would be. Eleroo does actually appear in the novel, but doesn't interact with the main characters in much more than what you see in this video.  The Gossamer Monsters that appear at the end of the video, well that is a completely different story.

  Swampy, is thought of as a friend by Kyra in the beginning until it is discovered that Swampy has a devious plan she is hiding.  Frumpkin is the main villain and Spinji (the spider ninja) is the mute henchmen.  These characters each have their own reasons for betraying "The Creator" (Kyra) throughout, but which ones will come back to her in the end?

  I had been looking for an opportunity to get these characters into a cartoon since they have already been in a novel and comic. Hopefully, I will be able to make more of these for the Gossamer Pen in the future! The story is all about drawings coming to life!

Christopher M. Purrett


Thursday, December 17, 2015

What if...Animal was Santa?

What if...Animal was Santa?
What if...Animal was Santa? (YouTube)

  Animal is extremely excited for you to see his very own Christmas Parody Special! Watch as he assumes the role of Papa Noel and makes this holiday a very interesting experience for one cute little girl!

  Purrett Kids (YouTube)

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Life's Like a Talent Show...the SEQUEL!

Life's Like a Talent Show

  Riley swayed nervously in line as the 5th graders anxiously awaited the 2nd graders to exit the stage. The little boys and girls giggled and cheered while they passed by. Riley could feel her heart pounding so hard within her small frame that she feared  all her classmates would know just how frightened she was.
  "This is silly", Riley thought to herself. "I have done this before. Why am I so nervous?"
  The 5th graders swiftly entered the stage. Riley felt a hand pushing her forward. Her best friend, Alexia, was extremely eager to be out there. Riley's feet felt like they weighed 1000 lbs. 
  "Move!", Alexia commanded. Her eyes were wide and her smile cartoonish.
  "Don't push!", Riley replied.
  Riley forced herself out onto the stage. As she did every year, Riley found herself up front. That's what happens when you are one of the smallest in your class. They put you up front so everyone can still see you. Riley had thought about asking to be placed in the back row, but her teacher had told her no every other year.
  She took a deep breath. Her hands were sweaty, mouth dry, and worst of all, mind blank.  She suddenly couldn't remember the words to any of the Christmas songs they had practiced for the past three weeks.
  The principal's muffled voice announced to the crowd that the 5th graders were ready to perform, but Riley was not!  The large red curtain split and the crowd of parents clapped!  It was time to perform.
  The music began. Alexia belted out the first line beside Riley who opened her mouth, but nothing came out!

  This week, my youngest daughter performed with her elementary school choir for their annual holiday show. My wife and I proudly watched our once shy and terrified little girl sing and perform all the choreographed moves with zeal.  She didn't partake in any of the "special assignments" that other kids did at the front of the stage, but that was just fine. She, as always, was in the front row, because she is one of the smallest in her class. It was nearly the exact same spot she stood at her first choir performance, this one didn't turn out so well. 
  Kyra showed no signs of fear as a child, and she has the scar under her chin to prove it. When we arrived at her first school choir performance, everything seemed to be going well. Kyra was excited even...if I recall it correctly. My wife and I dropped her off backstage with her classmates and headed to the theatre to secure our seats.
  The curtain opened up and the crowd oooo'd and ahhhh'd. That was when we saw our precious little girl trying to hide in her clothes. She had her arms against her body so tightly and her head pulled down like a turtle attempting to enter its shelf for protection.  The music started and the class began to sing...except Kyra, who managed to do little more than cry...well it may have even be a sobbing to describe it more correctly.
  As a parent it was awful to watch our little girl so terrified. Then the murmuring began in the crowd around us. Parents in the crowd began to notice Kyra and just how terrified she was.
  Life's like a talent show, or so I've realized watching my children. I've been here before. (Life's Like a Talent Show Original Blog) 
  I've learned through my children that we must get up, do it again, and push through the fears in our life.
  For Kyra, I am proud to say, she has continued to push through her fear of public performances. Every year she performs in a dance recital, and has had a number of other school performances.
  Last week, my wife and I watched our little girl stand up for her final elementary school holiday choir performance. It is almost astonishing to see how much she has grown, both physically and emotionally in the last few years. It got me thinking about the subject of my original blog, and I decided to write the sequel.

  Life is like a talent show!  No matter how old you are you must find the courage to stand up and perform, even when the first performance doesn't go so well. Just stand up! Shake it off and get up there again! It is most certainly what I have learned from my daughter.

Christopher M. Purrett
Enjoy the Journey!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Purrett Kids featuring No, El!


  Ella is a precocious young girl, anxious for the holiday season. She is just 3 years old and can barely remember last Christmas, yet she knows in her heart something special is happening.  Her mind begins to swirl with excitement from all the holiday decorations, flashing lights, cookies baking in the kitchen and a magical snow globe.  SHE CAN'T HELP HERSELF!!! SHE HAS TO TOUCH EVERYTHING!!!!

 Join Ella and her mother as they navigate an afternoon in the life of an anxious child awaiting Christmas. Will she learn to keep her hands to herself? Or will Santa think she has been a "Naughty" girl this year?

DIRECTORS NOTE:  Happy Holidays everyone!
  This cartoon has some special meaning for me. It is the first from Gossamer Studios to feature all four members of my family. My wife, two daughters and I all have vocal parts in this very short cartoon:) My oldest and I are members of the "Comedy Choir", while my wife and youngest daughter voice our charcters, Mom and Ella.
  "No, El!" also allowed for the beginning of our Purrett Kids Channel, featuring age appropriate videos for kids! This channel currently consists of "No, El" and "Eric the Viking", but before Christmas we will be adding two additional cartoons that are in the works currently. ("Eleroo" & "What if...Animal was Santa")

 As always we hope you enjoy the journey our cartoons take you on and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for updates on new cartoons!

Christopher M. Purrett

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Eddy & Cric - The Cosplay


 Eddy & Cric (episode 6)
 Eddy & Cric attend the SUPER MEGA COMIC CON so Eddy can enter into the cosplay contest.  WATCH CARTOON

 This cartoon has been a little while in the making. It serves two purposes for the character Eddy Kit. First, it gives us a look at his sidekick in future episodes, Abby Horance.
 Abby was actually supposed to be his nemesis
Wash Your Hands!
in the original comic strip version (seen at left), but much has changed since that incarnation of Eddy earlier in 2015. Obviously, Eddy now has a wife and the Abby character became more comical during writing...therefore he was relegated to a sidekick in the cartoons. Abby actually made one other appearance; He is visible through the den window walking past the Kit's home in episode 2 - The Costume

   Secondly, it reveals Eddy's true nemesis. Why not villain? Well, I find it hard to call a man dressed in a wiener costume a villain. Frank Meyer is his name, however, we still do not have a name for his costumed character. That is where I am hoping for some help! I am looking for the viewers to name this guy. Check out our facebook and twitter pages to join in on the fun over the next few weeks.
Eddy Kit & Frank Meyer
  An interesting side note about Frank is that the idea for this character came from a comic con that my daughter and I attended a few months back. As we walked through the event we came upon a man dressed like a joke! The best part was that he was at the concession stand and WAS PURCHASING A HOT DOG!!! Can you believe that?

 The next few episodes from Eddy & Cric are going to focus on Eddy and his new nemesis.  Abby and Cric will be there too!

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