Friday, October 3, 2014

MISTASIA - 5 Things you should know...

MISTASIA - 5 Things you should know...

  We are only a few short days away from the release of Mistasia Anthology. A compilation of all 5 stories from the Land of Mistasia. With that in mind, I wanted to prepare those that may be taking the journey to Mistasia for the first time and give you some things you should know...

  Mistasian Math – In Greenville; Phillip Harper and the Whizzenmog twins live in our world…actually a small town named after one in Michigan, but that’s another story (Click Here). The Land of Mistasia is a place beyond their imagination until Rachel Whizzenmog is kidnapped by a snake at the request of the evil King Cragon Cadieux. The kids find a way to defeat King Cragon and save Mistasia in the first novel, however, in Return to Mistasia (2012) the kids discover that there is a time difference between the two worlds. They find out that every day in Mistasia is only an hour in Greenville. In Return to Mistasia it has been nearly six months since Phillip and the Whizzenmog twins had left Mistasia. Rachel does the ‘Mistasian Math’ and realizes that it has been more than 13 years in Mistasia!
  Transformations – For those that have read my previous blogs, you would know that the Land of Mistasia wasn’t the original storyline that I created back in 2007. The stories were originally for my first daughter…children’s tales about a frog and fox, named Phillip and Whizzy. The current rendition came about a few years later after my daughter had started elementary school. Therefore, I decided to have the kids transform into animals when they entered the Land of Mistasia. That also meant I had to decide what to do with the characters that came to Greenville. If you traveled to Mistasia what would you transform into?
  Family or Foe – I have been asked if my childhood was troubled…mostly because I am a rather strange individual, but somewhat because of the reoccurring theme in my books about family betrayal. Just for the record, I had a very ‘normal’ childhood. My family is just a bit off-center on the humor side, but otherwise very loving and supportive. I guess these themes appear out of fear and heartache to those that have experienced these type of betrayals. The characters in Mistasia, have many family ties…some obvious and others hidden until the betrayal hits. I have always believed that your family is the greatest support system you have, and when that crumbles around you…especially at a young age I can only imagine how devastating it can be. Moral of these stories...cherish those around you or they may turn their back on you.
  Colors - I have an quirk about colors. I find them to spark interesting things in people; feelings that they may have not realized. I use these colors in my stories to evoke feelings or tell the readers something about a character.
   Colors for the main characters in Land of Mistasia were chosen to express their personality traits; Phillip the frog is green, Whizzy is fiery red and Rachel is a golden color. Even the villians colors were chosen to cause alarm. Ethan Whizzenmog, the snake man, is bright yellow with deep red screams avoid me at all costs.
  Special Powers – What cool story doesn’t have someone with special powers? I have to say that everyone has something special about them, whether it is the size of their heart or their inner strength. Sometimes, we don’t even realize the powers we have within ourselves. In my writings, I love to explore those small powers and expound upon them, making them even more influential than they are. Think about it, even having the ability to control a crowd simply by speaking to them, gaining their trust and devotion is an extraordinary ability…it is one freedom our country is built upon.
  All the characters in Mistasia and Greenville have a power, whether they realize it or not. When Phillip, Rachel and Whizzy travel to Mistasia they discover theirs and must learn to adapt and control those talents to use them in aiding their efforts against the evils they face.

  Hope you enjoyed the journey through the Land of Mistasia. If you haven't yet...what are you waiting for? Go to my website and read sample chapters!


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