Sunday, September 23, 2012

It All Started With A Bedtime Story

It All Started With A Bedtime Story

  “Daddy, tell me a story,” my daughter asked me one night.
  “Okay, Let me think,” I replied.

  I usually had some story ready for her bedtime...after I had finished reading her usual bedtime story that is.
“Tell it with the funny voices,” she added. I think that was her favorite part. Many nights I had pretended to be “Kermit The Frog”, or “Miss Piggy” when telling stories, but tonight I decided to do something new.

  It was 2007 and my oldest daughter was about six years old at the time. That night a simple story emerged about two best friends, Phillip the Frog and Whizzy the Fox, who were learning to ride bikes just like she was. Over the next couple of weeks, she heard “Whizzy’s Allergies”, after she asked me why I sneezed so much that day. Then, Halloween quickly approached and two more adventures arrived; “Eyes in the bush” & “Escape from the haunted house”. She loved every one!

  At that point, I decided to spend more time writing books. As my daughter grew and entered school, followed by her younger sibling, I again began working on “Phillip and Whizzy” stories as young adult novels. Both of my girls had developed into avid readers, which led to many polite arguments about going to sleep each night.

  “But Daddy, I want to read more!” Each would claim. That was amazing to me, because I myself spent very little time reading as a child…I spent most of my time creating stories with my Transformers or G.I. Joes.
 These new versions of Phillip and Whizzy developed into a much larger scale. They were now real boys, and Whizzy had a twin sister. The three traveled to an unknown world called Mistasia. There the kids transformed into the frog and fox that my daughters were familiar with from the original versions, but with a special twist. Each had his own powers.
Since I began working on the “Phillip and Whizzy” series of books again, I have released a trilogy of novels:

 Also, two novellas
    Whizzenmog Betrayal (available now FREE @ Smashwords)
    Grace's Quest (coming this October)
  The most amazing part of this journey for me has been the effect it has had upon my daughters. My oldest daughter has begun to write her own stories, creating works about vampires. My youngest has developed into a talented artist, and creates storybooks with her own colorful drawings.

  Hopefully, I will be fortunate enough to work with my daughters creating worlds that everyone will enjoy!


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